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Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six Days Time!

Comment: REF. NEZER

2014-10-08 23:00:43
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Re: REF: Oheneba

Why are you running away from the fact that your Ananangya/Odumase folks are from Essumja? If your folks are the descendants of Maame Senifontom, the mother to Adofoahyee, Afitemma (Taa Acheampong), Kwasi Fekae, Kofi Akwatia adusei, Faa Kese, and Twabia Sanaa, then they are from Essumja.
The legendary Barima Tweneboa Kodua's contribution to Asanteman is engraved in Asante's soul and run in the very fabric of our existence. He served in his time BUT he is not the originator of Kumawu State. After the Barbaric TREASON by Adofoahyee and his men against THE APEMSO ROYALS, which ushered in the Ananangya/Odumase royalty in Apemso (Kumawu), FOUR (4) chiefs occupied the Kumawu Stool before Barima Tweneboa Kodua; all of them died on the stool. We are all basking in the glory of Barima Tweneboa Kodua as Kumawu citizens because of the pinnacle he placed the citizens. THERE WAS NO DIVISIONS but now Joe Fry and his cronies has tear it down with NAME CALLING, BRANDING AND LITIGATIONS. But that doesn't take away the fact that he is a descendant of Maame Senifontom and therefore trace his roots to Essumja.

Lesson #2: Wurukye is from Adomakopim's family. Apemso's, the present day YAADWAASE and The Adomakopim's are two separate families. The founder of APEMSO STATE was NANA AKYEA KWAFO who died of old age and was succeeded by his brother NANA KOFI SIAW I. It was under Nana Kofi Siaw that Apemso expanded because many immigrants came to swell the population. The first immigrant group that was accepted by Nana Kofi Siaw to Apemso were led by a man called ADOMAKOPIM. The Adomakopim's were from Adanse. Adomakopim was later made KRONTIHENE of Apemso due to his loyalty and service to Nana Siaw.
The second group of immigrants that came to Apemso were from Akwamu. Their leader was called NANA OKOFO DARTE. They arrived at Apemso with their own stool from Akwamu. His descendants are the present Akwamuhene and his family.(Details withheld).

The third group of immigrants were from Essumja led by a man called ADOFOAHYEE. Adofoahyee's mother was called Maame Senifontom. Every person who claims lineage to Barima Tweneboa Kodua CANNOT disassociate himself/herself from Maame Senifontom and for that matter Essumja. This is the group who call themselves the original royals and think everyone else as nonentity BUT that is not so. "SE WOREPE ATIE A, YEKA KYERE WO" Not until they stop branding others, I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPOSE THEM, PERIOD! Sometimes The TRUTH HURTS, but need to be told. Irrespective of when and how you arrived, when you ascended the throne, be it by force or link to the Golden Stool, NO ONE CAN CLAIM ABSOLUTE OWNERSHIP TO THE THRONE in lieu of originality. Take this to Kumawuman and let them dispute any of the facts, even to The Ananangya/Odumases'.

The money "sikasa" Kumawuhemaa gave to the kingmakers was not a bribe. "SE WODE AGYAAKWA A, YENNGYAE WO KWA". Do you understand this adage? If you are well versed in Akan customary usage and practice, you will not conclude that it was a bribe. What about all the drinks the contestants presented to The Queen in their bid for nomination and subsequent approval for the paramountcy? Were they bribes to influence her judgment? You guys are throwing everything you can think of to see if one will stick BUT you will fail miserably. The contestants are all royals and the stool theirs to take. Why do they have to present "drinks" to Kumawuhemaa Nana Serwaa Amponsaa?

Give credit where it is due, Can a leopard change its markings? Remember how Peter's speech/tone of voice gave him away as one of the disciples of Jesus? That's how I fish you out anytime you try to fool others; NOT ME.
You and I and every person from Kumawu knows that I hold the key to unlock the TRUE HISTORY of Kumawu so don't make fool of yourself by saying I am presenting distorted versions of Kumawu history. You couldn't even differentiate between The Adomakopims' and The Apemsos'. Take all my versions to your elders and let them dispute even one. Well, TRUTH HURTS but needs to be told. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Like I've said before, we are impatiently waiting for the verdict and the eventual coronation of BARIMA DOCTOR.......... What a joyful day it will be. All who profess LOVE for Kumawuman should join us, we the people to welcome our star of hope who will get us out of the mess created as a result of LITIGATIONS. We shall overcome, sooner very soon. KUMAWUMAN NKWASO!!!!

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