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Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six Days Time!

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2014-10-08 11:56:04
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REF: Oheneba

Thanks for letting the whole world know that Obarima Tweneboah Kodua was an illegitimate occupant of the Kumawu stool. It goes to show your myopic view and intrinsic hatred of the descendants of the great Tweneboah Kodua. Always trying to obfuscate the truth and deligitimize Tweneboah Kodua royals in favour of slaves who are not even Asantes. Your own Adomako Pim/Apemso family is not even recognized as royals by Asantehene. You remember the "nkokohwede3 mienu" prank by Wurukye that was dismissed by Asantehene?
If your adopted Ankaase family is sure of their legitimacy, why will the queen openly admit to offering bribes to the kingmakers to help her install your favoured doctor as the chief of Kumawu? De3 ade3 y3 ne dea no de benkum na egye3. You don't resort to bribery and corruption in order to get what is truly yours. The whole world knows the shenanigans going on. Kumawuman know the truth and you can't hide it.
By the way what makes you think that everyone who disputes your distorted versions of Kumawu history, is another clone of Adofo?

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Re: REF: Oheneba
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