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Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six Days Time!

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2014-10-07 22:41:02
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Re: Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six

The legendry Barima Tweneboa Koduah sacrificed himself to redeem Asanteman, yet he is a descendant of the cursed family from Essumja who stabbed The Apemso royals in the back.
DOCTOR is not from Apemso but Ankaase Royal Family. My point is if The Ananangya/Odumase folks, the third group of immigrants to Apemso can claim royalty after their BARBARIC ACT against The Original royals, then they have no wright to oppose The Ankaase royals irrespective of the time they arrived at Kumawu. The first to arrive at Apemso were The Adomakopims; then followed by The Akwamu's who arrived with their own stool. Adomakopim served Nana Kofi Siaw well and he was honored with The Krontire title of Apemso. They lived in harmony and later arrived these folks from Essumja i.e. The Ananangya/Odumase's. Refer to my responses to Rockson, I mean yourself (John Fosu; Rockson Adofo; NOW Oheneba). I thought you were going to dispute what I wrote, but you chose to continue your line of attack on the Ankaase royals, it is sad indeed.
Kumawuman are grateful for the Ankaase Royals; by their reign did we enjoyed peace and stability. Compare the number of years The Ankaase royals vrs The Ananangya royals reign and decide for yourself.

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