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Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six Days Time!

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Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six Day

The Truth is: Ananangya/Odumase folks are from Essumja who are under CURSE due to their barbaric treason against Apemso Royals. They are sore loosers just as their leader Adofoahyee, who after loosing the contest for the throne of Essumja to Nana Kwaku Gyebi Kankanko after the demise of Nana Tete Kwaforamoah, left Essumja, moving from place to place until they were given protection and settlement at Apemso by Nana Kofi Siaw, APEMSOHENE.
THESE SAME PEOPLE TURNED AROUND AND STABBED THE APEMSO ROYAL IN THE BACK. They killed and maimed the APEMSO ROYALS for demanding funeral paraphenelia they had borrowed from Apemso palace upon the demise of Adofoahyee's mother, Maame Senifontom. These immigrants from Essumja crowned themselves as rulers of Apemso (present Kumawu) and has since been under curse. NO MAJOR DEVELOPMENT has happened under their rule. If you are in doubt, consider the following evets:

Apemso was co-equal with Kwamang, present day Kumasi. The "kum" tree planted by Okomfo Anokye to decide the capital of Asanteman died under the immigrats rule and KUMAWU DETERIORATED EVER SINCE.

Asanteman lost BANDA WAR due to Okotere Fenini who was chosen to lead Asanteman contingent. Okotere Fenini was Kumawuhene and hailed from Madam Faah Kese's family, i.e. ODUMASEFO. The enchanted bull of Asanteman was slaughtered with his own dagger (knife) which led to the defeat of Asanteman. He was destooled and his Odumase folks has since been banned by Asanteman from ever occupying Kumawu paramount stool. Out of sympathy did Barima Otuo Acheampong created "ADUANAHENE" for that group in order to accord them some form of recognition and dignity. Now look at what Joe Fry and his cronies , by way of LITIGATIONS doing to Kumawuman. They have held us hostage with their litigations. If they think they can get away with it, then they better think again.

Ever since the first chief from Ankaase, Barima Kwasi Dabo was destooled, here are the records of the successive chiefs and the number of years on the throne:
Barima Kwasi Adu Asabre (died on the stool)
Barima Kwasi Krapah - 1869-1895 (26YRS)
Barima Kwame Afram - 1895-1917 (22yrs); was destooled
Barima Kwaku Boateng - 1917-1921 (4yrs); was destooled
Barima Kwabena Koduah of Ananangya - 1922-1925 (3yrs); was destooled
Barima Kwame Afram - re-enstooled - 1925-1944 (19 more yrs); again destooled
Barima Seth Kodua of Ananangya - 1944-1949 (5yrs); was destooled
Barima Otuo Acheampong - 1950-1973 (23yrs); died on the stool
Barima Asumadu Sakyi II 1973-2007 (34yrs); died on the stool

BARIMA "DOCTOR" .........2014-

You do the math and tell me if these folks from Essumja who killed The Apemso Royals to crown themselves rulers of Apemso are not cursed. Remember PAPA NANTWIE and its signifigance. Remember it was human sacrifice prior to The British rule in Ghana. Who were being sacrificed and from what family? This is the truth that the whole world need to know; that the pot cannot tell the kettle that it is dark. The immigrants from Essumja's reign was but for a short period until the appointed time. They have drawn the line and for that matter should kiss the paramountcy good-bye. Before Jesus, the people of Isreal were kept under the law to guide them to Christ. When Christ came, at the appointed time, he redeemed the people from the curse of the law (Read Galatians 3 vr 1-....)

We the people are waiting impatiently for the ruling and come what may, we know one thing and one thing only, that DOCTOR YAW SARFO is our BARIMA-TO-BE; YES HE IS THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE WHO WILL HEAL OUR WOUNDS. WE SHALL OVERCOME. KUMAWUMAN NKWASO!!!

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