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Enough With the Personal Attacks On Nana Akufo Addo

Comment: Akwasi Adae

2014-08-14 09:14:05
Comment to:
Akufoo Addo is expired goods

May be they know something about the man that you do not know. This is the only man in our current politics who has never been corrupt. No one has been able to accuse him of corruption, the only thing people like you have is unjustified hatred. It is mainly corrupt people who fear this man and cannot go to sleep with their eyes closed when Nana becomes president. You will all live to see a differnt Ghana under Nana Addo. Akwasi Adae you do not know the man or his achivements so keep your ignorant comments to yourself. If losing an election is your reason for calling him a failure, then our dear Alan is also a failure since he has also lost twice at the primaries.

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08-14 00:21
Akwasi Adae
08-14 09:14