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Enough With the Personal Attacks On Nana Akufo Addo

Comment: Katakyie's Dirty Politics

mensah abrampa
2014-08-14 07:52:04
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Enough With the Personal Attacks On Nana Akufo Add

Katakyie is hoping the naivety and gullibility of some ghanaians will hand Mr Kyeremanten the presidency on a platter hence his frivolous attacks on Akuffo Addo's physique and age. He insists the road to the Flagstaff House is a beauty contest because most ghanaians, according to him, have a "Kaya yoo" mentality. This is huge political miscalculation because most ghanaians, regardless of where they stand on the economic ladder understand that 2016 is more about bread and butter issues than anything else. I am not so sure when a matured old age became such an abhorrent liability instead of an asset. We've had to pay a heavy price for putting such an unbelievable low premium on the issues that matter most. This was aptly described by Mr Rawlings recently when he said "Ghanaians get the government they deserve". The Alan Kyeremanten/Katakyie strategy is coming a shade too late for consideration because we've come a long way to the end of an era in our voting history. I'm much convinced that most ghanaians would be kind and vote Alan for president if he'd come squeaky clean about his strategy to salvage the pulverized economy and put it on the fast track to recovery and rapid growth, tackle corruption head on, unite a divided nation and give every ghanaian the opportunity to succeed, fight crime, illiteracy and disease,recognize and reward hard work and enterprise, etc. As for the "beauty contest" strategy Alan and Katakyie need to be reminded that it is out-dated in contemporary Ghana politics.

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Katakyie's Dirty Politics
mensah abrampa
08-14 07:52