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What a “Much Ado About Nothing”

Comment: Hypocricy

Kofi Agyare
2014-08-04 12:58:44
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What a “Much Ado About Nothing”

Mr Adofo, please what is the difference between you okatakyie, I have read this rubbish more than three times but did not see anywhere you stipulated what your messiah Nana Addo will do or to market him. You said he is blessed, but have you forgotten that he has already lost three times. What again has Nana Addo got to offer. He is old man and should give you to the young once like Bawumia and Alan to redeem Ghana from the incompetent Mahama. Nana is a spent force and only going to loss 2016 to this corrupt NDC who did use only three months to beat him. Nana has past his sell by date. He is just greedy and will be disgrace in 2016.

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08-04 01:57
Kofi Agyare
08-04 12:58