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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

Comment: They say we should praise them

2003-01-22 05:44:11
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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

The elephants think every Ghanaian thinks like animals the way npp does. The most ourageous aspect of this issue is that the spin doctors are telling us to praise them for such unprecedented increase. The fact is that, while the minister for energy said the increase is expected to cancel the debt, the spokespersons said it is not. So which is which. Now they talk about external reason and yet in the past when they were in opposition they disagreed. They are just afraid to increase the VAT rate because they condemned it in the past. For that matter they have been pushed against the wall by the IMF and they were faced with no other alternative than to add that revenue element to the petrol price and thus such an increase. Above all they are so arrogant about it. They are now busy greasing their rigging machennery for the 2004 elections. Just watch it and God help the motherland

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01-21 03:03
They say we should praise them
01-22 05:44