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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

Comment: Taxes on Ghanaians resident abroad.

2003-01-21 08:21:31
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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

The suggestion for taxes to be levied on Ghanaians abroad is an old one. Every government since Nkrumah's time has known about it. I do not know if it has been given any due consideration. If it has, we would have to wonder why no attempt has been made to implement it. Anyone who knows the history of Ghana will remember the poll tax instituted by the colonial government and the resistance to it in those days. If Ghanaians resident abroad see some benefit from this tax, it certainly would be easy to advance the argument and have it accepted. When there is the perception of waste, real and otherwise in the system, any attempt to collect any kind of tax will be resisted. Our leaders must be seen to be making sacrifices that speak to the people. Right now lip service seems to be the order of the day.

The call for our citizens to come to the aid of Ghana is loud and clear. There is a registration exercise undertaken by our consulates in the US. This registration cost me $145.00 when I moved to the US. I am sure I am not the only one to have paid this fee. Many others paid this fee as well. If this is anything to go by, the exercise is probably undertaken in other Ghanaian consulates around the world. I wonder how many will step up to the plate when contacted by the embassy/high commission and asked to. Many have complained on this forum about shoddy service or lack of it, when they need something from the consulates; of phones that are never answered.

Are we talking about income taxes or some other kinds of taxes? We all pay something in many other ways. Calling for more to enable government officials to upgrade to high-end luxury cars will probably not fly. That is just my guess. We must first see a serious attempt at modesty. Nobody is asking members of the executive to ride bikes to work, but lets face it, government work looks like the best jobs to have right now. The benefits aren?t shabby. Is it true they have free cars, petrol, houses, and household staff etc, etc? Do they need ?Deputy-something-or-other? somewhere? I am available. I just don?t see too many people lining up, to sign up tax forms and paying up, when they are already supporting many others back home.

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Taxes on Ghanaians resident abroad.
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