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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

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2003-01-21 05:45:43
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RE: The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

Kwame Adofo, You are right in saying we as Ghanaians should pull our resources together and help build our nation and depend less on the IMF and the lot. A few Ghanaians are trying their best to help but unfortunately our leaders think of their pocket first and do not have the interest of the Nation. This has to stop if Ghanaians want our nation to progress. I read an acticle on Sil about a Ghanaian who raised $16million for the rehabilitation of GBC and the problems he is facing because of the Minister's personal interest. If the Minister thinks of Ghana first, he should know that the rehabilitation of GBC would increase revenue and Minstry of Finance would not have to give a yearly budget to GBC. GBC would have their own funds to pay workers and not depend on government. There are so many cooperation, organisations etc, that do not have to depend on Ministry of Finance and i believe there are Ghanaians in the Western World who can source funding on very good terms, such as grace period of about 3yrs and repayment of about 10yrs. If at least 20 Ghanaians can source funding for these co-operations am sure the country would progress gradually and we would not have to depend too much on IMF with their strict conditions. But it is unfortunate that our leaders and Ministers do not care and i am sure there a lot of Ghanaians facing the same problem. So what do we do ? there is no one to complain to, God have mercy on Ghana.

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RE: The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage
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