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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

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2003-01-21 05:24:51
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RE: The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

The person who wrote this article should study international finance and marketing. There is no doubt some people will suffer but there is no altenative to this policy. The bulk of the TOR debt is with Ghana Comercial bank and it is a matter of time before the bank collapses. How long do you think the government can subsidise the petroleum products in the country. The price of petrol on the international market is more than $30 a barrel. THe government cannot sell it for $20 and who is going to pay the difference. almost all of the foreign money earned are used to import fuel, we cannot continue like that any more. We need schools, hospitals, roads and many more. I would like to tell you that the rich people in Ghana consume about 70% of the fuel imports. How can the government subsidise somebody with a $100,000 BMW car. This time they will think twice before they buy thier luxury cars. They have to pay the market price for the fuel. The people elected the NPP government to put the country on a sound footing but not to engage in charitable activities. People always say we have to mobilse our natural resouces for development of the country, that is true but if you want to plant corn and you don't have the seeds, you borrow to buy the seeds. The next time around, you will have the money to buy your own seeds without borrowing. We need outside help to stand on our feet before we can properly mobilise our resources. It is always easier said than done. The fuel increment is very hash but the government has no choice so let us hope things will work out as the government intended.

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RE: The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage
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