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Know Why He Is Adamant ...


2014-04-08 04:02:32
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Know Why He Is Adamant ...

When you are out of bullets and your back is pinned against the wall, the only option you have is to throw in the towel; that's what you've done, you coward john fosu/rockson adofo/lone ranger aed.
I'm so glad that no matter how hard you've tried to knock heads against each other to create confusion and animosity to divide Asanteman in general and Kumawuman in particular, none of it stuck. Kumawuman will never forgive you and your nation wreckers who through unneccessary litigations have shattered our dreams right from YEATEASEM ERA to present. How can this simple fact elude you for so long that your litigations are the bedrock of our suffering which include but not limited to joblessness, water, toilets, clinics, electricity, roads, school buildings, etc.
You live in London, your brother is living in Canada; your family house is half completed and you get the nerve to disrespect our elders and leaders. What contribution have you made towards the community you claim raised you? In one of your writings you mentioned Georgido and Mr. Kwame Koduah building toilets for the community; very good. What is your contribution, "mr all-knowing royal". Well, there are a few good ones out there who also have contributed their quota to the community and as such worth mentioning: Collins Adjei (Suame Magazine) and one Kofi Agyeman-Duah (Negro, Kwame Appiah's brother), single-handedly renovated Kumawu St Peter's Anglican primary and middle schools respectively. They have left their marks, what about you? Well you are unfortunately known for your disrespect for authority and sowing seed of discord and confusion. You may think no one knows you, hahahahaaaa!!! Be very careful and render apology where it is due. Your sore loosers from Essumja thought they could intimidate Kumawuhemaa with all those threats and invocations of the great oath of Otumfour. After running out of options, knowing very well that no one could overturn her nomination in the person of DR YAW SARFO, The People's choice, you are making it seem like Otumfour and The Asanteman Council nominated him. Dr Sarfo's nomination is from KUMAWUHEMAA NANA SERWAA AMPONSAAH and we The People have hailed her for giving us our hearts' desire.
Your so called Aduanahene and his cronies will have their day in court. Aduanahene has taken litigations as a job which he goes about on daily basis, wasting our time and energy which could have been used fruitfully to develop our community. But he is "smart" to an extent: he has built a house out of the contributions from the financiers: the banker and the hotelier. They have contributed NOTHING to the welfare of the community.

We The People pray for the day all these will come to an end and Dr. Sarfo will be sworn in and officially ascend the throne as BARIMA........
He will create jobs for the people, motivate the people to get involved in communual labour, use the people's money and other resouces to develop our community, fight and retrieve all the lands stolen by Kwaamanhene and Agogohene, and above all he will UNITE KUMAWUMAN and make us a formidable force we once were in the annals of Asanteman. We pray to The Almighty God to give him long life, wisdom and humility to lead his people as a servant of God; for service to man is service to God.

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