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Both Messrs. Akoto-Osei And Ametor-Quarmyne Are Wrong

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Restructuring 4 Transformation Shift
2014-03-29 00:07:28
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Keep it Simple and Stupid

Massa, the fundamentals of the Ghanian economy is crazy weak, and you were so apt stating that, "members of the three traditional branches of government continue to be relatively overpaid." doesn't help a deficient economy, period.

You would think that with the astronomical amounts they are getting paid, in addition to their frivolous ex-gratia every four years, they would have the ingenuity to restructure our Gordon Guggisberg economy and mechanized agric with it supply chain business to justify their income.

But then, what else is new?

Massa, if you had 4 or 8 years to transform the economy, which among the following will be on your priority list?:

Creation of 20 Gigawatts of power to make business thrive.

Expansion of water.

Engendering 12k dual-carriage rail tracks network from South t the North, to open the country up for a real dev't.

Implementation of comprehensive street address system, permanent records keeping system, national database, and issue of biometric National ID cards.


Btw, is it doable or viable in a term or two?

I wouldn't talk about what the country can do with 100 gigawatts or even terawatts of power, smile.

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