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The day Nana Addo was president

Comment: Re-Kojo Foli

2014-03-24 05:48:47
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The day Nana Addo was president

We know you hate anything about Nana and that there is no day you would ever dream of seeing Nana as the president of Ghana but for Christ sake please allow others to share their dreams with some of us who LOVE Nana. The writer is just trying to create some humor with his style of writing and here you are insulting Nana. Didn't your tribesman J.J smoke wee as a young person and even when he was made head of state? Again didn't Obama whom you people compared president Mahama to smoked wee at a point in his life ? For your information some of us who are very discerning and believe in Nana Addo ideas love him and will vote him into power come 2016.

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03-23 22:04
Re-Kojo Foli
03-24 05:48