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The day Nana Addo was president

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terkpetey odiom
2014-03-24 05:48:18
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The day Nana Addo was president

Seriously speaking even though john mahama is the elected president I sometimes feel he is not the president of Ghana cos he speaks like a little boy in jsss . He is not a serious guy even though he looks gentle and smart . He is only good as a minister who can control a small department or ministry but not a country. Nana Addo on the other hand looks more matured and shows more serious and understands ghanas problems. God is really punishing us a people for making a naive thinking person to lead this country. You can not allow a boy to do a man's job much as a dog cannot crack a bone for a hyena . We are a cursed nation and shall continue living in darkness where light abound. For our lack of maturity in everything is even manifesting in our body politics.

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03-23 22:04
Re: The day Nana Addo was president
terkpetey odiom
03-24 05:48