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The dollarization of the better cedi agenda

Comment: Brilliant peiece!!!!

2014-02-13 00:20:49
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The dollarization of the better cedi agenda

A very good insight and thanks for sharing this brilliant piece. This is what we need on platforms like this not NDC/NPP nonsense.

Could you please do another one on some of the problems or good aspects of some of the economic initiatives that are currently being pursued.

I actually believe that the current directives from BoG will tackle some of the issues you raised. The government has also talked about processing our cocoa and gold to increase the value of our exports. But the government is also still borrowing and taking gargantuan loans from other countries.

This is what I expect the supposed think tanks in the country to come out with and not the politically motivated garbage they are spewing out everyday.

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02-12 21:58
Brilliant peiece!!!!
02-13 00:20