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Please, Help Me Out On Ahoofe’s Pomposity

Comment: So Cletus, You Read Me Well?

2014-02-28 22:40:11
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Re: Ahoofe is a big fool

I think I was the first to spot Ahoofes lack of logic when he started posting his trash on Ghanaweb.

I noted he was poor in mathematics which then renders his inability to make logical reasoning. I lashed out at him as having failed his o'level mathematics because it was just too risible when his interpretations of issues came to bare as being below poor.Then I noted he only overloads his articles with adverbs and adjectives as you said earlier of Ahoofes over-indulgence on the thesaurus.

The guy is hooked or addicted to verbosity but empty.His articles all marred by useless humongous words.

But I'm glad that Cletus read me well.

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So Cletus, You Read Me Well?
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