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Please, Help Me Out On Ahoofe’s Pomposity

Comment: Dont Plagiarize My Name

Kwame Okumpo-Ahofe
2014-02-01 21:10:36
Comment to:
Mr. "Linguist"

You nincompoop. Why must you have the gall to use my nomenclature to counterpoint the odious treatise emanating from the smelly ink well of that impersonal object classified as Cletus Unpronounceable. I was going to permit my clamorous silence to become one marvelous tinnitus that will irritate his auditory faculties until the neologisms that drip from his foul mouth will purchase a foton for him in that institution at Asylum Down.
But now I'm forced to engage Cletus in a reparte. No, I've mutated my course of action and will keep silent. I will rather use the time saved from this cacophonous endeavor in reviewing the thesis of a PhD student, to whom I serve as indispensable doyen, just as Dr J. B Dankwa served as the doyen to many, including Mr Kwame Nkrumah, the putative Africa showboy of the erstwhile rump Convention People's party.
Mosquitoes should never attempt to thrust their proboscis through the cornified hide of an alpha male elephant!

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Dont Plagiarize My Name
Kwame Okumpo-Ahofe
02-01 21:10
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