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Please, Help Me Out On Ahoofe’s Pomposity

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2014-02-01 06:11:23
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Childish article


Cletus is accusing Okoampa but wouldn't himself verify his phrasal constructions. Typical of us, huh?

The best way to make someone trivial is to avoid him. Swerving that to address a whole article to him, to me, is giving him too much attention and having so much time to waste.

I am Ewe, with my roots deep in Fantes and Ashantis, so do I feel hurt by Kwame? Frankly no, and with a large smile, I have a good humor this morning! I have a feeling he knows nothing about Ewes, so the less he knows the better...
My best friend and who do care for me aren't even those from my families but from other tribes so I do know how to respect others. Life is too short to waste it fighting and hurting others. PD James has said before, "If you want to dedicate yourself to something, it must be dedicated to and idea", by which he should mean a thing of substance.

Finally, there are times Okoampa is right in some of the issues he addresses. So why don't you let him carry on? Allow him carry on if that's his pleasure, he can't torch Ghana.
Anyone holding a tinderbox knows he could be the first to get hurt when a flame starts.

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