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Has Akufo-Addo let the cat out of the bag?

Comment: Yes, Kofi got it wrong on this.

2014-01-23 12:22:27
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Speculation galore!

I do agree with on most points you raised. However I don't want to see Akufo running again. I want to see Bawumia in the lead with Oboshie Sai-Cofie or Joe Ghartey or Dan Botwe as his Vice. With any of these people, NPP would win the election one touch. Unfortunately, I don't expect the NPP to have the wisdom and humility to reason through this and allow that "small boy from the North" to lead them.

Having said that, I found it disingenuous to read that Akufo has delayed his coming back to Ghana so that he can "manipulate" what is going on in the party. Kofi, you are dead wrong. The delegates will choose Akufo over Alan, the man who quit on them and never helped in any way to win the election. So I don't think Akufo is trying to "manipulate" anything.

I will say that he is a bit confused about running. He wanted to give up after the court case but he is probably changing his mind because firstly, there are so many delegates who are forcing him to run and secondly, by his own calculation, he knows that Mahama is failing and people are looking for a "savior" so this can be his chance. What he fails to understand is that, Ghanaians don't vote according to "what you can do for us" but rather by according to their "tribes and how connected I am to the leaders." So far, Mahama is helping the Northerners and he will increase his votes in the North and all the Zongo areas in the Ghana and the Volta region will vote massively for him. Eastern Region might be going to the NDC if care is not taken. So it would be only Ashanti Region this time but NPP would hardly get 70%.

This is the reason why I keep on saying that Bawumia should be allowed to lead the party in order to split the Northern and Zongo votes. Almost every Muslim will vote for him because he becomes their "first" president. That is the only strategy NPP has to win this election. No one should tell me that he has no base. Mahama had no base, yet within 4 months he beat Akufo. The idea to sell Alan Kyerematen as Fante does not wash either.

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Yes, Kofi got it wrong on this.
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