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The main bane of formal education in Ghana


2013-12-30 06:37:32
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The main bane of formal education in Ghana

Bokor is right by identifying the major problem bedeviling our educational system but fell short of offering an effective solution to the canker. According to Bokor:"...every student entering the system is lumped up together with the rest and general education imposed on all to make them jacks of all trades but masters of none". This is perfectly true but the solution he offered- vis-a-vis the use of guidance and counselling units to solve this problem- is not an effective way of solving the problem. I can confidently say that most teachers in the Ghana Education Service( GES) hold 1st Degrees in Guidance and Counseling and even the GES has no place for a whole lot of them who return from Winneba and Cape Vars. Inspite of this huge numbers of Guidance and Counseling personnel in the GES it is unfortunate our educational system is mostly skewed in one direction towards the arts, humanities and general education even up to the PhD level. The question then is what can a typical guidance and counseling coordinator, trained by the University of Education or UCC, who are mostly conversant with the classical subjects, offer a student who want to pursue engineering as a profession? It is true that the GES is trying hard to impose general education on everybody and the Achimota-Legon axis of evil is supervising this nonsense. For instance, when the Mahama administration proposed to convert polytechnics to technical universities there have been so many attempts to ensure this noble concept does not come to fruition and it is people like Professor Ernest Aryittey who are championing this course. A case in point is when Prof Aryittey in trying to lobby Prof Naana Opoku Agyeman during one of their nefarious colloquiua came up with a communique stating that specialised education should only be encouraged at the higher(PhD) level. Ever since this stupid utterance was made by Prof Aryittey and his bunch of idiotic university pupil teachers calling themselves academicians, who are not even critical paedagogists, I have not heard any intellectual in Ghana coming out to condemn them. This is the direct reminiscence of what happened in the USA after David Kolb propounded his famous Experiential Learning Theory which seeks to encourage technical education from the basic level of education upwards. When the US government made an attempt to adopt portions of Kolb's theory, providers of general education( mostly universities) in the US became threatened for survival and started lobbying the US senate to reject Kolb's theory. You see, It appears there are people who are cashing in on the provision of general education, which is useless, and so they are doing everything to suppress specialized education in any form and manifestation. There is no denying the fact that general education is good for certain professions like law, journalism and the training of scholars but when it comes to initiating development proving employment specialized education is more efficient. This is why the Ghana government must directly intervene by making laws and policies that will help equip our youth with the much needed skills that will transform the economy because left to the traditional universities they will continue to lead us astray. Secondly, government must review the northern scholarship, which appears to be impoverishing the north, by making it only available to those who are ready to study the technical and science courses. This is the singular act that can force the north to develop because the current wholesale northern scholarship is too luxury and only breeding 'talkatives'.

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