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"Apartheid" Ghana?

Comment: what is "Ghanaians of Akan descent"?

osei yaw - london
2013-11-06 07:02:13
Comment to:
"Apartheid" Ghana?

What is "...Ghanaians of Akan descent..."?; foolishness one would say; for,

- there are no such creatures in present day Ghana; but, such is the thinking of weak people of the Akim Tribe; they think, they together with powerful Ashantis are "Akans"; that, the Akans are there to discipline the Fantis, the Ewes and the Gas; however

- we Ashantis are not part of this Akim foolishness; we are Ashantis; not Akims; and not the living dead of once upon a time dead as the do-do subhuman "Akans"

- ignorant and hollow Akim Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe is still selling stupidities

Osei Wusu-Khanin/osei yaw - london

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what is "Ghanaians of Akan descent"?
osei yaw - london
11-06 07:02