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NPP needs new leadership with a cosmopolitan outlook

Comment: Agbenu no one envies ur tribe

Kojo T
2013-10-18 11:04:55
Comment to:
Its Tribalism Tribalism Trobalism

No one envies Asantefo . It is your imagination and boastfulness. No one hates you but you hate yourselves You quote the wrong items and ignore yours. Victor Owusu insulted the Ewes,Busia persecuted them , you rejoiced when Voltarinas drown or die, you gloat whenever an Ewe is involved in something and you call them names. K4 closed the Togo border in the elections but left the others open . read the writings and you vilify Ewes everyday so why do you expect them to vote for you Ken Agyepong declared genocide against Ewes and gas . That is why Nana is also not acceptable, He surrounded himself with tribalists and and violent people

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10-18 07:27
Agbenu no one envies ur tribe
Kojo T
10-18 11:04