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The President and his Travels | (comment 531834)
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The President and his Travels

Comment: RE: The President and his Travels

Ganyobi Ganyo
2002-10-28 13:55:01
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RE: The President and his Travels

Micheal Nii Ayi Thompson Bravo you have hit the nail right on the head. What investment have come down so far? The roving around the world President. He has no vision for Ghana.

I am really disappointed. Somebody should tell the Prez he is becoming on becoming. We elected him over there and he has refused to listen to the masses. With all the plane crashes all over he has become tourist and enjoying plane riding as a hobby

Where is Rev. Owusu Ansah and the other pastors who pray for God to intervene. They should advise JAK. What is Mama Tess also going to do. JAK is seeking solution from abroad and telling Ghanaian to come down when he is climbing up all the time. God save Ghana. Concern Citizen good one there. Dont mind Mr. Big Month. The name even speak for itself. A Prez using the word rubbish to explain himself ? Rubbish.

Ganyobi Ganyo

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10-27 07:49
RE: The President and his Travels
Ganyobi Ganyo
10-28 13:55