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The President and his Travels

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2002-10-28 07:39:11
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RE: The President and his Travels

You people are talking what you don't know. What evidence do you people got to show that Ghanaians don't approve of the President's travels? The newspapers do not represent the views of all Ghanaians. There is no point for the President to sit in Castle doing nothing but shaking hands. Most of the Presidents travels are invitations from foreign governments and no diplomant can represent him. He either has to go or decline the invitation. So you fools should tell the President wether to go or decline the invitations. Yes people can critise but constructive one not folish talking. The President should always think and do what is rightr for his people and not to listen to good for nothing NDC people and thier news papers. The approval or disapproval will come in the 2004 elections so you people should stop complaining for him to do his job.

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RE: The President and his Travels
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