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The President and his Travels

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Michael Nii Ayi Thompson
2002-10-27 11:41:49
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The President and his Travels

Despite all the travelling that the president is making, how many investements has Ghana got out of that, at this moment? Are we still looking at the whiteman to solve our problems for us? There are many Ghanaians who will like to invest in the country but some of the problems are that, they are not giving the opportunities or not listened to, when they approach the government. We are turning the country into a prostitute, whereby any one can come and sleep with us and then leave ( meaning, we give all these foreigners the opportunities for investment, they come into the country do their businesses, make a lot of money, but the moment that they realize things starts to change, they pack and leave) This style of behaviour has been going on for years. we need to educate ourselves on how to tap into these investments so that when these people decide to leave, we have Ghanaian who have stocks and interest in these investments to keep them going. There is nothing wrong with the travelling that the President is making, but he has to pay attention to complains, made by the people . We do have Ambassadors all over the world, they can represent the President on some occasions, if they cannot do that, then that shows how ineffective the government is.

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10-27 07:49
RE: The President and his Travels
Michael Nii Ayi Thompson
10-27 11:41