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Election Cheats are fidgeting as....

Comment: This article is equally contemptuous!!!

Dumega Prosper Jnr.
2013-08-26 21:32:02
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Empty Rant

Why is the author and others of similar ilk, especially the NPP over zealots so agitated and pulling the cart before the horse!!! God Almighty in His infinite WISDOM doesn't love any person the masses have doubts and someone who has credibility problems!! You all saw how God punished Nana Addo Dankwah in Kumasi when though he was lighter in the face of the gentle Giant Kuffour!! Why wouldn't most of you writing and thinking the justices will read your gabbages before dishing out the justice you the NPP Petitioners deserve and which can quiten your unbridled inordinate ambition to run down Ghana once more!! You didn't provide the requisite evidence, the burden of proof still lie on the head of your inexperienced JSS lead counsel who had to bend and collect statements and inputs from Akoto Ampaw all the time.. Why are you not saying the truth how you going to fall flat in the face of the rigorous facts and evidence and your exposure of bad faith by just selecting what was of interest to you in your petition.
All your "learned" lawyers nearly passed through the hands of the mighty legalistic brain and God ordained Oxford trained lawyer of a legal brain unsurpassed by those who wield affidavits as certificates and your infantile provocateurs have not adduced and provided the evidence that can mitigate the heavy slash and beating Nana Akuffo Addo had at the polls in the 2012 December in the hands of Mahama!!!!! You and I and Bawumia "were not there" so how do you provide the relevant and unalloyed evidence that is required to succeed to the throne!!! No short cuts here!!!! This is different from Odikros using inferior communist tactics to ascend to the throne.

Why wouldn't such people who jitter and are awaiting bigger disgrace and their obliteration from the political landscape of Ghana and be pensioned for good, as they are even naturally older than the pension age in Ghana, wait till after the 29th August before they begin to write what we all know as the organic or natural truth!! These face saving write ups will be thrown into the rubbish heap upon the announcement of the glorious Verdic, come 29th of August!! We don't see the gathering of the clouds and feel too confident the rain will fall by all means and push out the water in the pot!!! Your hallucinations will turn into blood come 29th August 2013. Just wait and see!! Why the rush with all this fun fare articles!!! Ghana will not and will never ever DIE!!! JDM is solid there as a rock!!!!!!!!!!! Like it or not!!

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08-26 20:24
This article is equally contemptuous!!!
Dumega Prosper Jnr.
08-26 21:32