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The Likely Contemptible Ways of Votes Stealing

Comment: Grande FOOL

Fire Burn U
2013-05-27 07:08:22
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Connerie from Uk

Sir, am sorry but you are the obvious fool here, not K. Badu. His article is very interesting and educative and without bias. I'm sure most of the people who read it will learn a thing or two from it. The benefits of reading such intelligent articles are immeasurable, but what do you say to him? That he's a fool because he has not contributed a pesewa to Ghana?

Why do people want to measure everything in cedis and pesewas? Is that not the reason why every politician, government official, chief and even pastor are doing their best to steal from the people? Exactly so, because they're smart enough to know that the only 'thing' majority of Ghanaians/Africans respect, is money. Not knowledge, not decency, not morality, not integrity nor honesty. Why have we become so retarded?

You don't even know the guy but you assume he's cleaning toilets in the UK. Those of you who have never been anywhere are so ignorant it hurts. Do you know how many Ghanaian Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Scientists, Artists, Lawyers, Actuaries, and others work at very high levels all over the world? Do you know K. Badu's job? And even if he's a toilet cleaner, is it not better to earn an honest keep than be a corrupt Deputy Minister in Ghana? Have you any idea what our people in the diaspora contribute to our GDP?

What makes you think that living in Ghana makes you more Ghanaian that K. Badu? Well, quite frankly, I don't know why I've allowed myself to be so rattled because you obviously are so dumb you don't deserve anyone's time.

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Grande FOOL
Fire Burn U
05-27 07:08