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Petroleum subsidy claim is fraud

Comment: Good questions raised...

2013-02-19 08:32:18
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Petroleum subsidy claim is fraud

... but I am not very sure of your argument about the price that we are told. A certain price of oil is always quoted in such transactions and govt announcements without stating that the price being quoted is Brent or WTI or whatever. Is there not an internationally agreed quotation without reference to a particular type of oil?

You said people carry tons of dollars out of the country. Is there a law against that? If so, then I agree with you that we have problems with enforcement of our laws. The value of the cedi reflects the performance of the economy. The cedi is going down because the economy is not doing well, not because people are carrying suitcases of dollars out of the country. That itself is the result of the economy not doing well. The solution is not to stop people from carrying dollars out but to improve economic performance.

But your point about government not explaining everything to us is very true. They keep us in darkness because they believe we cannot understand anything and they can get away with whatever.

And your call for the monitoring of government officials riding around in their big cars ostensibly doing government business is a call well made. If the people should suffer from oil price increases, then govt officials too should suffer the same, whether they are on govt business or not.

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Good questions raised...
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