Feature Article of Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Columnist: Obeng-Yeboah-Asuamah, George

The Quest For Peace, Justice And Reconciliation

A Reflection.
Fellow Ghanaians, today I invite you to do a sober reflection on life as lived on this earthly platform. The three invariable and fundamental questions that we do need to pose each day and which should help us in our reflection are: where have we come from? Why are we here (on earth)? And where are we going?
With all its sham and drudgery, it is still a beautiful world for God, who created it, is BEAUTY ITSELF. It follows then that life is still worth-living. If we were to eschew anger, bitterness, envy, selfishness, greed, vengeance, hatred, back-biting, lies and falsehood, etc, we would see the beauty in us, the beauty in others, the beauty in the world, the beauty of life. We do not only have the right to live but we also have a collective and personal God-given responsibility to safeguard life and the peace of the world.

We can achieve this if we uphold what is objectively true, live it and defend it without fear or favor. It is the truth that will set us free. Evil, and devilish thoughts and their unsacrosanct pursuit have never won any trophy. The good has; for the good always has the last word. Whether we are Israelis or Palestinians, Abudus or Andanis, Nkonyas or Alavanyos, Mamprusis or Kusasis, Tutsis or Hutus; and whether we are Republicans or Democrats, NPPs or NDCs, Catholics or Protestants, white or black, rich or poor, lettered or unlettered: we are one people, same blood substance streaming through us and giving us one life with one destiny awaiting all of us.
Today, there is too much noise and too much vindictiveness in Ghana our Motherland. National values and traditions which unite us as a people are succinctly being sacrificed on the altar of selfish and insatiable political desires. Lies are fast sold and bought. The truth is either rejected or tainted. The gains made are fast being eroded. Remember, life ought to be about sincere love and selfless service to one another. Justice, reconciliation and peace are not just fallouts of the Christ event but are the collective goal of the event of the Cross. Yen ara asaase ni…Shall we work together for the good of Ghana? In all things, let us put Ghana first for posterity will certainly judge our actions and inactions. God bless us.

George Obeng-Yeboah-Asuamah.