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Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan Corruption

Comment: Give them hell

2012-12-03 11:17:04
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Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan

That is my brother-Nana Oyokoba. He belongs to the Hall of Fame of those who can say it like it is. Me nua, mo ne kasa. And this truth will continue to be told. No amount of propaganda, election rigging, intimidation etc., will stop us from speaking against those who want to compromise the development of our country. The NDC brand has been tried, tested, and proven to be useless. Rawlings and Konadu agree with this assertion. Chuck them out and bring in the NPP. They were falsely maligned in 2008. If they come back and fail to deliver, send them packing as well.

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12-02 20:44
Give them hell
12-03 11:17