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Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan Corruption

Comment: Tetteh Quarshie brought a seed to Ghana.

2012-12-03 06:27:18
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I am of the view that the Ashantihene Nana Agyemang Prempreh was in the Secheles Island and got to Ghana before Tetteh Quarshie broght cocoa from Fernandopo, also a former Spanish colonial island. There was cocoa at Secheles but the Ashantihene brought not the seed to Ghana, but a common citizen of the Gold Coast did the patriotic deed to hide the seed and bring it to us.
Since Friday I have realized that not all contracts are for putting down a brick, thus a nurse, teacher and a banker all have contract of employment but do not put down brick for their employers.
I found the absurdity in the acquisition that a person who said that he had a contract with the state did not lay even a brick. Thus it will be said that even the Chief Justice signed an employment contract with the state but for over 40 years as a magistrate, judge and a chief justice have not laid a single block for the state.
Thus every contract is for performing a specific work, including that of a consultant on a construction project, which company does not handle a trowel once during the course of the project.
This absurdity has been repeated many time by lawyers and even judges, mostly in the New Patriotic Party and if we are to go by their logic, then since they did not throw a single mortar, they are not entitled to their salaries. Since their logic is that a person who had a contract is to lay a brick, stone, marble or cement.
The EO Group that stole the findings of the GNPC and gave them to the U.S. oil companies were paid, but they did not mount a drilling platform at the Cape Three Points. They are said to have brought the oil companies, thus have 3% of the 13% shares that the whole of Ghana have. They said that they have no interest in the share anymore and were paid 300 million dollars, when the whole shares of Ghana from the venture in a year is 400 million dollars. It means that only three people owe 3% shares whiles the rest of us 25 million owe only 13% shares. It means that the rest of us Ghanaians each woe 0.00000052% and it happened during the period of the NPP a party that claim that it came to make every single Ghanaian rich.
EO Group did not erect a single ridge at the Jubilee field but a person who was paid 51 million dollars was accused of not laying a single brick so he an his company are not entitled to that amount.
It looks like what is happening in Ghana and our courts is some sort of economic apartheid. Economic apartheid in the sense that if you are an Akan extreme tribalist you must be paid for your contract, but if you are a member of another tribe, then you must not be paid for your contract, since the Akan extreme tribalist take members of other tribes to be their slaves or just talking tools that they come into contact with every day.
Those Akan extreme tribalist are telling us that a person from one of the Northern Regions, Central, Volta Western Region is not supposed to be the president of this country. NPP members claim that the presidency of this country belongs only to extreme Akan tribalist form Eastern, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions.

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12-02 20:44
Tetteh Quarshie brought a seed to Ghana.
12-03 06:27