Feature Article of Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Columnist: Enu, James

Truth Be Told

My quest to represent the people of the Tema Central Constituency in Parliament is one motivated by an honest desire to serve my people and an attempt to purge the age old perception of politicking being dirty and ugly on the Africa continent. For this reason, I have continuously reminded my campaign team to stick to projecting my programs and visions and that of H.E. John Mahama and the NDC family as a whole.
This commitment has kept me on till now, and I without a shadow of doubt believe that the NDC will be handsomely rewarded by the people of Tema Central for our numerous tangible developmental projects in the constituency. However within these few days, I have been receiving very disturbing reports from the quarters of Mr. Kwabena A. Okyere, the candidate for the PPP. In the guise of an ephemeral NGO, Mr. Okyere has prepared a leaflet purporting to compare the profiles of all the candidates contesting the Tema Central sit.
It struck me as odd, why a man whose loudest attribute is his youthfulness would be struggling to import an antiquated Machiavellian tactics in a 2012 parliamentary election? On the leaflet Mr. Okyere had been personally spotted distributing to students of the Tema Methodist Day School, his group and him claim to cull the information from my website (www.jamesenu.com). I dare say either this is false or he deliberately distorted the information I had made available on my website.
According to Mr. Okyere and his group, his highest qualification is a Bachelor of Art while mine is an obscured B.L. I believe he wittingly picked and chose what was on my website or he failed to read what was there. I hold a Bachelor of Art with first a class honors, a post graduate Bachelor of Law and Barrister of law Certificate, if petty politics blindfolded him from seeing this, academic honesty at least demands that he represent me fairly.
Again, his leaflet conveniently offered him a Senior Secondary School education for Adisadel College, but leapfrogged me from Primary School to the University and he had the brazen effrontery to go share that to students of my Al mater. Well they all know very well that I was the chairman of the recent Chemu Old Student’s Association homecoming committee and the Chairman of the just past Speech and Prize Giving Day that’s how come I got hold of his falsehood filled leaflet. He cannot pretend not to see this on my website just because Chemu Secondary School falls within the Tema Central Constituency.
My “social service records’ in Tema includes my active involvement in the activities of Chemu Old Student’s Association (COSA). I am also the chairman of Tema Premier Keep Fit Club; I’ve used my firm to offer free legal services to many of my constituents over the years.
The other ludicrous claim from the Tema central PPP camp is that the Tema Central Parliamentary Candidate of the largest political party in Ghana as per the 2008 election and the great NDC party has no involvement in local politics or national politics but mysteriously became a Parliamentary Candidate. That claim will be better left without any response.
Mr. Okyere’s group clearly read that I establish my law firm Enuson and Associate and am currently the managing partner, but they elected to mischievously write that I am a young lawyer with the firm, trying so hard to downplay my person while he elevates himself beyond measure.
In the face of this needless provocation, I’ll keep my sacred commitment to conducting a decorous and truthful campaign devoid of personality attack or denigration. Victory is within arm’s reach for the NDC in the 2012 election and evidences from the grounds visibly shows that the Tema Central sit will be ours.
Long Live Tema Central
Long Live The NDC
Long Live Ghana
Lawyer James Enu