Feature Article of Saturday, 24 November 2012

Columnist: The Informer

Mensa Otabil Needs Gargantuan Deliverance!!!!

Mensa Otabil Needs Gargantuan Deliverance!!!!

It is said that; “Those the gods want to destroy, they first make mad”.
We don’t know whether the gods want to destroy Otabil; but we can confidently say that there is something disturbing the mindset of Pastor Mensa Otabil.
Pastor Otabil is suffering from a strong attack of dissonance, and the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), is now openly insulting God and challenging His infinite powers.

We have no problem if Otabil wants to openly dabble in NPP politics; after all, it is his right to support any party of his choice.

What is disturbing The Informer, is the way Otabil is now making a nuisance and mess of himself via his blasphemous sermons.
How many times in the past, has Otabil not preached sermons about God being the Master of the Universe and the controller of our destinies?
How many times has Mensa Otabil not preached sermons about God being the determiner of our existence here on earth?

How many times has Otabil not preached sermons telling his audience that God is the Alpha & Omega?

Suddenly, Otabil is now telling us that we control our lives and destinies and that God has no hand in what happens here on earth.

Suddenly, Otabil is telling us that God is passive participant in the affairs of men.

We listened to Otabil’s NPP-induced sermon last Sunday, and we are convinced that Otabil has been possessed by a seven-headed demon that is making his ego fly to such dizzy heights.

Is Otabil suddenly thinking that he is larger than life?
Is Otabil suddenly deluding himself into believing that he is more important than God? Lord, have mercy!!!
So Otabil is telling us that God does not rule in the affairs of men?
Ei Mensa: what has come over him?
According to Mensa Otabil, God does not have a hand in who becomes President of nations, and that it is the electorate that decides.
According to Otabil, it is the thumbs of human beings that determine who becomes a President; and that God just sits in heaven and accepts what we do here on earth.
Does the bible not tell us that it is God who appoints Leaders/Rulers/Kings?
Or Otabil is preaching from a different bible?
After all, Otabil says he has his own dictionary and so it is possible that he has his own bible too.
Honestly, The Informer felt very sorry for the soul of Otabil when listening to his last Sunday’s sermon.
Otabil has been caught in a web of his double-standards and he is now attempting to question the Supremacy and unending might of God Almighty.
According to Otabil, he is in control of his life and destiny to the extent that God did not have a hand in his decision to marry his wife.
Yes, Otabil says that God did not give him his wife.
Only God knows the number of times Otabil has asked his congregants to pray for God to give them good partners.
Yet, he is today telling us that God does not play a role in our decision to marry A or B.
Lacing his sermon with a huge dose of arrogance and self-conceitedness, Otabil says that he chose his wife (her name is Joy), and God had no option but to accept his choice.
What alarms The Informer the most, was, the arrogant manner in which Otabil mimicked God.
Ei Mensa Otabil; are you now mimicking God?
Ei Otabil; because of your support for Akufo-Addo and his All-die-be-die agenda, you are now prepared to spit in the face of the God who has turned you into a billionaire?
Moving his mockery of God to more dizzy heights in relation to his loose talk that God did not have a hand in the choice of his wife, Otabil blasphemed.
According to Otabil’s blasphemous talk, if Adam had a choice, he would not have married Eve.
Yes, Otabil said that Adam married Eve because she was the only option available.
In other words, Otabil was saying that it is not God who made Adam marry Eve; Adam married Eve only because he did not have any other option. Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!
Was Otabil in full control of his mental faculties last Sunday?
What kind of demon possessed Otabil last Sunday?
So, Otabil is now prepared to denounce his God in support of a junkie like Akufo-Addo?
Just because Otabil is no longer serving on several Boards and “chopping” Ghana money “fukafuka”, he is now spitting in the face of the God who has made it possible for him to live in Trassaco Valley Estates?
Thank God that Otabil’s congregation is not a captive one that has no active brain cells.
If Otabil does not know, he speaks to a very discerning and perceptive audience that does not swallow hook, line, and sinker, the things he says.
Indeed, Mensa Otabil has done his already damaged-image, a lot more damage, with that blasphemous sermon he preached last Sunday.
If Otabil thinks that his congregation is as captive as that of the psychopath Jim Jones, then Otabil needs to quickly see a shrink.
For those who do not know Jim Jones, he was a psychopath who claimed to be a man of God and caused the infamous “Guyana Tragedy” by getting his followers to commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide.
Mensa Otabil certainly needs deliverance before he runs himself aground; and The Informer is asking all well-meaning Ghanaians to fast and pray for the man of God, so that, he doesn’t sink his image and church the way Akufo-Addo’s imaginary Free-SHS is sinking deeper than the Titanic did.