Feature Article of Friday, 23 November 2012

Columnist: Garbrah, Daniel

NDC Propaganada In High Gear

Fellow Ghanaians, I am writing you this letter to forewarn you to be very careful with NDC party. As the election day approaches it has become clear that The party who has ruled Ghana for the 23 years with Propaganda , lies , treachery and deception is leaving no stone unturned to double their propaganda melanoma.
NDC having realised their eminent defeat in the polls has therefore resorted in a number of mechanisms in an effort to demonize Nana Addo and the NPP but I say this to the glory of God that, After the praise and worship themed Jericho shall fall in Kumasi recently, all shackles and the stronghold of the enemy has been broken.
It has become clear that NDC papers such as the Herald, Al Hajj, The Informer, The Democrat just to mention a few has redoubled their palpable falsehood and thinking that the average Ghanaian is as foolish as them.
As if these lies and deception from the NDC is not enough, now they have formed several groups to continue to trade insults and publish lies against NPP on a daily basis. Some of these groups are , Ofosu-Kwakye’s so called , Research and Advocacy Platform, Tony Aidoo’s Set the records Straight just to mention a few.
We are aware of the infamous declaration by Babal Jamal that if you see a goat say it is a sheep. So all that they are doing is an attempt to shift the political debate from one that is an issue based to one that is purely lies and propaganda. This is because NDC has virtually collapsed the NHIS, reduced the average Ghanaian to be a beggar , People are not able to pay for their children education, even graduates cannot get jobs, the corruption in the government has reached unprecedented proportions, Massive looting by government ministers and deputy minsters just to mention a few.
NDC has become so weak on the ground and heading towards opposition. They are aware that the evil that men do lives after them, so their last resort is to play the ethnic card and also to attack any man of God who dare criticize their stupidity and recklessness. The President is now playing a tribal card but I advise him that the only tribal card he can play is the Gonja tribal card because, Mamprusi’s and Dagombas , baasari’s etc are not Gonjas and therefore do not share the same language and believes as the Gonjas and therefore will not support him.
Ghanaians are also aware that NDC if funding Hassan Ayariga just to humiliate Nana Addo but thank God that no Ghanaian citizen takes Ayariga serious and therefore the plan has ganguntually backfired.
People of Ghana, we are all aware how PNDC and NDC has divided this country of ours, how we fought for the democracy and the liberties that we have today, how corrupt they are and how wicked they are. We are equally aware that NDC is the only political party in the world with a secretariat devoted to propaganda…..Make no mistake this election is not about them but is about you and your children and their future. Their agenda is to continue to enrich themselves to the detriment of the rest of the population hence this level of insanity and desperation that they show and continue to exhibit whenever we see or hear them.
It is only in Ghana that a whole government is against free education for its citizens and this is not only shameful, but barbaric and unprecedented. Abraham Lincoln said “you can fool all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” With your support and the help of our good Lord, Nana Addo and NPP shall win a one touch victory and transform Ghana once more. Vote wisely Vote NPP and God bless you all.
Daniel Garbrah