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NPP is making President Mahama more popular

Comment: NPP is full of arrogant people!

Mr truth
2012-11-04 05:02:18
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NPP is making President Mahama more popular

You are right. Akuffo resembles Romney so much in posture and arrogance. May God save Ghana from him. He goes everywhere and behaves as if he is in a court room facing an opponent. Debating is not a court room battle. How can someone who his father thought the schools in Ghana was not fit for now talk of free SHS? This is more a socialist idea and just doesn't sit well with Nana Akuffo Addo. He is jumping on it to win. This is not from his heart. The same thing we have in the Dome-Kwabenya constituency where they are saying that Adjoa Safo can represent we the ordinary people, when through our her life, except like Akuffo for her degree, she was not allowed to mix with any ordinary Ghanaian children. She was cocooned from our lives and taught at home because her parents thought she was special. Now, all of a sudden, she is being put forward as a parliamentary candidate who is supposed to represent the people of her constituency 99% of whom are ordinary people. What a sham she is like the whole of the arrogant NPP.

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11-04 04:28
NPP is full of arrogant people!
Mr truth
11-04 05:02