Feature Article of Saturday, 20 October 2012

Columnist: Blankson, Nana Kow

Good Radiance Old Witch Konadu Is Gone

By Nana Kow Blankson

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, the woman who will go down in Ghana’s political, moral and ethical history as the most shameful, uncouth, manipulative and divisive individual has finally bolted the NDC to join the disjointed NDP. This was not unexpected. In fact it did not come as a surprise to many NDC supporters. It was obvious as we all know that daylight is always followed by darkness.

To me Old Witch Konadu who also qualifies as an Old Evil Dwarf leaving the NDC is Good Radiance for the NDC. She has not brought anything new, credible, good or positive since the NDC returned to power in 2008, therefore, her leaving the party does not take anything away. Konadu only leaves the NDC with her bags full of juju, talisman and evil traits.

There is this saying that coming events cast their shadows and that nothing in this world happens by chance. Konadu and JJ Rawlings who have not had their way as far as the NDC is concerned have been scheming to destroy the NDC much to the angst of the teeming party supporters. Therefore, if they have decided to leave the party, it should be welcoming news to the party supporters.

At least the NDC supporters have witnessed the countless of times that the NDC leadership under the late President Mills and current President Mahama have made overtures to Rawlings. But anytime Rawlings seems to agree with the overtures he goes home and within a twinkling of an eye Konadu changes the whole dynamics. Konadu is the only person who can tell Ghanaians what she is actually seeking and why.

Somehow Konadu has drummed into the ears of Rawlings who seems to be falsely on board that if they do not campaign for the NDC they will lose the December 7 election. That is why they have been playing the kids game with the NDC. Today Rawlings will go and meet with the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and promise to hit the campaign trail in the 10 regions and tomorrow meet with Akufo-Addo in his ‘bedroom’ and promise him that he may not campaign at all. Why should Rawlings promise Akufo-Addo that he may not campaign except to send false panic waves in the NDC?

The NDC as a party has outgrown one single individual or one family, but Konadu who had been and continues to be the darkest visible hand that pushes and manipulates Rawlings to do most of the things he does seems not to get it. Her agenda has always been to do whatever she wants with the party. But because Konadu has not been given the leeway her best evil shot is to bolt the NDC to cost the party some votes in the December 7 election.

The NDC supporters should not panic but rejoice and wave their handkerchiefs. They should be very happy and go out in droves and campaign relentlessly. Konadu is not God, neither is Rawlings. They are human just as any other individual; therefore, their terrible conceited agenda of seeing the NDC in opposition will never materialize.

The NDC has done enough in terms of bringing economic hope to Ghanaians since they returned to power in 2008 to win the elections without Rawlings. In fact the NDC as a party does not need Rawlings who now qualifies as the biggest traitor of the party. The NDC can win the elections without Rawlings. This man is not God! A so-called founder of the NDC who meets Akufo-Addo? And to make matters worse Rawlings begged Akufo-Addo to be lenient with the NDC supporters if he wins the elections. Good Heavens!

Through all these changing scenes God wants to prove to the Rawlingses that they are not invisible and that just like any other human beings they are not the monarchs of all that they survey. The NDC will go to this election and win hands down. And if the NDC wins it will break the stupid jinx that Rawlings has surrounded himself with that he is invisible and that without him nothing moves or will not move in the NDC.

I became the happiest person when I read that Konadu is gone. It was long overdue and does not take any wind out of the NDC sail. It rather brings good relief, confidence, love and togetherness to the NDC family.

Konadu should calculate what will become to her if NDC wins. I am not predicting anything bad for her but she will never get away with her evil deeds if NDC wins.