Feature Article of Saturday, 20 October 2012

Columnist: Fosu, John

Truth about Asantehene's trip to Norway where he lost his Jewels.

Know the Outcome of and the Truth about Asantehene's trip to Norway where he lost his Jewels.

Asantehene went to Oslo, (Norway) to seek investments for Africa in general and Ghana in particular. Unfortunately, some certain Norwegian villains robbed him of his jewels of great antiquity. The Norwegian police are seriously investigating the case to apprehend all the perpetrators of that heinous crime that has brought Asantehene's credibility into complete disrepute.

Let me rather shed light on a few interesting or bitter lessons from Asantehene's mishap. On hearing about the theft of the jewels, some learned lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, immediately informed the Ghanaian public about the possible consequences awaiting Otumfuo. He categorically stated on authority that Asantehene in the event of not finding the missing jewels could face the ultimate traditional punishment of destoolment. There were immediate divergent views robustly expressed by many a Ghanaian with or without knowledge about traditions and customs relating to chieftaincy issues. While some agreed with the lecturer, others disagreed bitterly with him.

Some commentators established that never in the history of Asante Kingdom had a sitting Asantehene been destooled. It is therefore an abomination on the part of the lecturer to have suggested, announced or published the existence of the possibility of destoolment.

To those people holding onto that bizarre notion of unfettered allegiance to Asantehene amid fear, lies and ignorance, let them be aware of the following. It must be noted that all precedents are set when there had or have never been any in such particular cases. Prior to setting precedent for any particular instance, the seriousness of the acts of the person or the object involved obliging that consequential setting of precedent is considered beyond reasonable doubt. If it demands, we take a unique action to serve, as a future warning, deterrence or line of action to follow by others, so be it. Others can in future refer to the precedent. They may avail themselves of that precedent either to exonerate themselves of blame or justify their actions. This will be to avoid biases or accusatory discriminations. Therefore, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II can be destooled if the traditional authorities find his actions too negligent or atrocious to warrant the stealing of the jewels. Are the jewels so precious for the traditional elders to institute such an action against him is another issue to consider. This is for the information of all those arguing out of pure ignorance that never helps move a nation and a people forward but rather retard their progress. I am not in favour of punishing him for this regardless the value of the jewels.

In another instance, one Chief Rabbi of a WBLS FM radio station based in Europe interviewed a Kumasi-based radio presenter on the likely punishment facing Asantehene on the stolen jewels. I understand he granted this interview on the night of Monday, 15 October 2012. The radio presenter rubbished the suggestion and all those holding onto any such ill-thought ideas. He read paragraphs upon paragraphs of Asantehenes speech delivered at the meeting or conference in Oslo, Norway. He cited the Legon lecturer for mockery by an infantile analogy. He said, "if the chief of Bale Bamboi is mourning about his missing mat, what has it got to do with someone in far away Kumasi?" It was a deliberate attempt to fob off the University lecturer with his simplistic analogy. He was in effect telling him what it has to do with him or anyone if Asantehene loses all jewels in his Kingdom.

Upon leafing through Asantehene's great speech paragraph by paragraph, he asserted Asantehene has been the only one able so far to persuade the Norwegians to come to Ghana to invest. He cited kings, Nigerian Jonathan Goodluck and South African president Jacob Zumah and other important personalities as among those already appeared in Norway but catastrophically failed to persuade the Norwegians to come over to Africa to invest with their money. To him, the only person that has been able to convince the Norwegians is Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. The Norwegians gave Asantehene a standing ovation after his speech and said, "This is the speech we want to hear. You are the first person able to tell us what we want to hear. Yes, we are coming to invest in Africa but will start from Ghana"

I will not be writing about the details of his speech relating to Africans always kowtowing to the Whites for everything by portraying ourselves as inhibited weaklings. Mismanagement, corruption and abuse of positions will always make Africans go on their knees wherever a White person rears their face.

Anyway, I want to tell the whole world one truth. It is not by Asantehene going to Norway last week to deliver a speech and lose his jewels that has convinced the Norwegians to decide to come to invest in Ghana or Africa. The Norwegians are already in Ghana. Asantehene knows very well how he may have connived with Kwamanghene, Agogohene, Kumawuhemaa and Kumawu kontrihene to sell Kumawu stool lands to the Norwegians. They have leased/sold about 200,000 hectares of land to the Norwegians, which has now become an issue before a Kumasi High Court many years before his ill-fated trip to Norway last week. Under the case before the Court under the heading, ILLEGAL LEASING OF LANDS IN THE AFRAM PLAINS, I quote from this authoritative source, "Nana Kwamanhene has also entered a deal with a member of the Norwegian royal family, Mr. Erling Sven Lorentzen and his company, African Plantations for Sustainable Development (Ghana) to dole out 200,000 hectares in long-term leaseholds"

I rest my case without willing to delve into issues. I detest seeing people condoning and conniving to throw dust into our eyes. They can fabricate their lies but I will expose them where I have the facts and information readily available.

John Fosu