Feature Article of Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Columnist: Kabore, Haleema Asana

The Betrayal of a Nation-Part 4

Mediawatch condemns John Mahama’s refusal to probe Minister of Defence

It seems President Mahama just like his predecessor John Evans Atta Mills is refusing to investigate the activities of Lt General(Rtd) Henry Joesph Smith, The Minister of Defence . We call on Bureau of National Investigations and National Security to carry out an audit of all financial transactions at the ministry since General Smith was appointed.
General Smith and some faceless individuals at the Ministry of Defence ,have set up a syndicate that extorts huge amounts of money from traders, businessmen and importers of goods for the Ministry of Defence procurement section. Who will bell the cat? Who will stop this man destroying the morale of our armed forces?
General Smith who is now directly interfering with the operations of the Ghana Revenue Authority and customs operations , is also interfering with certain security arrangements at the Tema Port. Why is General Smith abandoning his role has defence minister to be come a tax collector? Is he not undermining General Carl Modey and others who are already doing a difficult job?
We also call on a through review of all defence contracts and procurement of defence equipment for the Ghana Armed forces between 12TH of April 2009 and 1st November, 2011.
General Smith must answer these urgent questions.

A. Why did he directly sign a contract to procure body armor and military footwear for the Ghana army when he is not in charge of procurement.? Is he not undermining the military command and its management if he is allocating resources without their support and permission?
B. Why has he approved and signed a contract to import 7 helicopters for the Ghana Air Force, each valued at 17 million US dollars without any consultation or any approval by parliament?

The problem with governance in Ghana is the prevalence of the personal interest. The individual is more interested in loading his or her pocket, rather than seeking the collective good of the state and the people.
Mediawatch will never relax for anybody to sabotage the nation and cheat the people of Ghana.

Mrs Haleema Asana Kabore
Paul K. Kaleku
Mediawatch Research Associates
Kaneshie 1st Light