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African Leaders and Corruption: A Ghanaian Perspective

Comment: Re: Aim Before you Shot, Mr T.

Mr T.
2012-09-22 20:18:30
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Aim Before you Shoot, Mr T.

Ibn Batuta,I resolved not to continue this conversation but your last comment was simply an affront I couldn't overlook. I guess you are now satisfied after decorating your "enviable" resume on this platform (either out of sheer pompousness or just to solicit my comments, is something I cannot fathom). If you are gainfully employed in corporate America, it just means the conditional -"if you are" and my surmising "I may be right" - doesn't apply in your case. The sort of 'corruption of the mind' you alluded to is the kind epitomized by your pointless argument and seeing conclusions where there was actually none.

I must offer an apology to Mr. Agyapong for diverting this forum provided by this publication into an unwarranted exchange of words with someone I don't and may never know.

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09-22 02:36
Re: Aim Before you Shot, Mr T.
Mr T.
09-22 20:18