Feature Article of Friday, 21 September 2012

Columnist: Mohammed, Ishak

Past Experiences Are Incitements For Higher Attainments

; Let Us Not Be In Perpetual Guilt

In life, virtually everyone has gone through hurts, pain, and had a slew of negative experiences that have shaped the way we appreciate nature. Interestingly, there is always a choice to live a more purposeful and accomplishing life.

It is no news to assert that, the road to attainment is flooded with disappointments, betrayals and twinges on one part as well as joys, exhilaration and testimonies on the other. All these are borne out of experiences we bump into on the way. Many are those who drive along the road with their eyes constantly fixed on their past: what could have happened, why some failed them, or a promise that was not kept. It is not the pain of the past that engages us; sometimes we also get caught up in dwelling on one achievement for too long. This obsession with the past precludes us from focusing on the future and the opportunities that lie ahead of us. Life is a journey from one level of success to another. It is therefore important to forget about the past, its successes as well as its failures and move on to greater targets ahead. Albert and Comfort Ocran were right when they said that perhaps, that is why cars are manufactured with small rear view mirrors and wide wind shields in front. The rear view mirror is only to afford us a quick glance behind us in order to pick up the lessons and keep moving forward. Refuse to be anguished about where you have been and be steadfast on where you are going for little or nothing in your past guarantees perpetual growth towards higher heights of laurels in the future. What are your foremost thoughts about your life? Do you live in perpetual guilt about the past and what could have been or in expectant expectation about the great future that is ahead of you? Do not let your dissatisfaction at a failed investment or better still failed relationship(s) leave an indelible scar in your subconscious mind or make you wander from place to place with a frown and shut doors to sumptuous opportunities ahead. The more time is wasted pondering over failed memories, the more one prepares the self for multitudes of letdowns and disappointments.

Obviously, it is not easy to forget about our past and it is not something that miraculously happens overnight. It is often difficult for us to forget our memories, failures, disappointments and hurt. Because we keep those things buried in our minds, we are unable to progress into our future. Not only that, but dwelling on our past negative experiences destroy our inner peace and fills it with guilt. For disappointed souls, always remember that, there is more to this life than your mind can comprehend. May the Creator and Sustainer of all creatures be our eternal guide…..AMEN!

However, for us to continue our journey in life, it is worth appreciating the fact that, regardless of what has happened in our past, we need to close the door and open a new chapter, a chapter that is filled with the grandeur, determination and renewed vigor to realizations. We must define our future by forgetting our past. We are only given one life, why waste time dwelling on things we cannot change? Laugh off some the situations in which you made terrible mess of yourself. That way, you guarantee that you can then rise up and move forward. There is always a lighter side of everything. So, whatever the situation you face, keep smiling and know that somehow, in the end, all things will work for your good. Let’s halt ruminating over our unaccomplished past and pray for Allah’s guidance, mercy, strength and protection.