Feature Article of Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Columnist: Pobee-Mensah, Tony

Mahama, Akufo Addo, listen up

Extra, extra, read all about it. Headlines: I just got the news.

A guy I grew up with went to Ghana last week to visit his family. Last night, some armed robbers thought they were better custodians of what he has worked for so they visited him and demanded custody of it. When he resisted, they killed him. Yes, they killed him. This is my problem; he is my friend. This is his family's problem; I understand. The reason we should all worry about this is that armed robbery reigns in Ghana because we have an impotent government and the next victim could be your dear one or worse; it could be you.

If we have growing armed robbery which is unusual in Ghana, what will it take for someone to get in a panic mode? If there were an attempt to overthrow the government, you would see soldiers all over the streets to violate Ghanaians at will. Why can't the government put soldiers at every corner to nip this thing in the bud? Oh! I get it. Our soldiers are busy fighting for the United Nations. I understand. That's all they do.

We can let our politicians continue to tell us what they want to tell us while we continue to fall victim rather than us demanding answers to our questions. When was the last time a politician had a town meeting and answered questions from panicked people? Why can't Nana Akofo Addo have a town meeting and invite the people who have to bury this man to ask him questions? Oh, that's too hard. It's easier to talk about All-die-be-die. President Mahama has to take a thank you tour while we continue to die. I wonder if our neighbors find a thank you tour more important than keeping Ghanaians alive.

Let's continue to indulge in their political nonsense. I am sure one of us will be the next victim of the armed robbers; not the politicians.

Tony Pobee-Mensah