Feature Article of Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Columnist: Kyei, Isaac

Ghana Needs The Mills Approach

The National Coordinator of the National Youth Employment Program, Hon. Abuga Pele has called on politicians across the political divide to take cue from the life of Prof. Mills and see it as the yardstick with which Ghanaian are going to assess the conduct of politicians of today and probably the next generation.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter, Hon Abuga noted how his approach to issues and way of thinking has been influenced by the late president who became famous particularly for his consistent advocate for peace and insult free politics. According to him, Ghanaians have realized that the only way we can develop as a people is to place the interest of the country above personal gains; a philosophy that guided the late president during his three and half stint as President of the Republic of Ghana.

He said despite the numerous praises that came from all quarters of the country for the departed president, little mention has be made on the extent to which the modern day Ghanaian politics would be influenced by the Mills approach.

Despite claims by the NDC that Mills three and Half year period of presidency affected all facets of development than any in the history of Ghana, taking the short period in consideration, it is his humane attribute that would forever live in the mind of the people of Ghana.

“President Mills has set the standard for all of us to follow, everybody would be assessed based on his conduct and every serious politician would aspire to be recognized as an ambassador of peace, for that is what Ghanaians need at this moment”

He used the platform to call on fellow NDC members to take the lead in bringing decency to our airwaves and focus on issue based politics. “Politics is a profession for gentlemen and noble people but the attitude of many politicians creates the impression that its a haven of crooks who only have interest in filling their belies and not necessarily to contribute towards the achievement of the nations agenda”

“Being the Party that ushered this country into its’ longest spell of Democracy, the NDC is going to lead the way in ensuring that our politics is strictly issue based and devoid of forms of personal attacks.” He added.

Hon. Abuga Pele who is currently the Parliamentary candidate for Chiana-Paga Constituency in the Upper East Region and known for calmness and soft spoken attributes also added that his bid to returned to Parliament house after narrowly missing out to the NPP candidate in 2008 would be guided by the Mills’ approach which thinks is the new trend.

Reporter: Isaac Kyei Andoh thecitizenghana.com 0244260638