Feature Article of Monday, 10 September 2012

Columnist: Nkrumah, Divine

NDC/NPP double standards exposed!

The youth wing of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has decried what it describes as the hypocritical and double- standard nature politics by the ruling NDC and opposition NPP.

The National Youth Leader of the party, Divine Nkrumah, noted that “a country like Ghana deserves better and so, we the youth of the Progressive People's Party expect that the keys players interested in the better governance of this country come out clearly, demonstrate consistency in terms of policy and let Ghanaians have confidence in the fact that politics is for the advancement of every nation and not merely about satisfying one's personal ego regardless its repercussions.”

According to him, this is exactly the picture the NPP and NDC are showing to Ghanaians: “gross lack of respect for the people of Ghana and taking Ghanaians for a joke.”

In explaining the double standards by both NPP and NDC, Master Nkrumah noted that “all of a sudden, both the NPP/NDC have taken sides on whether the creation of the 45 new constituencies should be passed by parliament or not; the NPP believes that the creation of this new constituencies is untimely and will bring about chaos during the 2012 election and on the other hand, the NDC believes the creation of this new 45 constituencies is necessary for the equal representation of the people in parliament.”

“You know the funny thing about these two parties is that, not long ago the two parties jointly connived to sue the Electoral Commission, preventing it from exercising its constitutional mandate of organising by-elections both in Wulensi and Kwabre West after the demise of their respective law makers,” he quipped further probing that “what has changed for them to all of a sudden refuse to put their heads together for this course. The simple answer is that they all know the fishy deals they have been doing with creation of these constituencies, so they are perpetually scared of each other.”

Master Nkrumah posited that it was obvious that both parties did not trust each other.

He continued that the NDC suddenly argues that the EC be allowed to do its constitutionally mandated work without any hiccups and that people must not be denied of their representation in parliament and that the constitution must be allowed to work...“so when did they realise this? He asked wondering if they can really be taken serious.

“They have their own way of interpreting the constitution and circumstances depending on whether it is in their favour or not… it's all about propaganda,” he stated categorically.

Divine Nkrumah, National Youth Coordinator Progressive People’s Party