Feature Article of Thursday, 6 September 2012

Columnist: Kanyam, Daniel Akwasi

A Call To Prayer And A Cry For Peace

In December 2012 Election

We are at a defining moment in our political history. The pace has been set, expectations are high, the platform has been raised, we are on stage and the world is watching. Come December 7, 2012 we will decide on our destiny again. This time again our democratic strength and credentials will be tried and tested, our faith will be stretched to the limit but how well are we going to survive as a people?. It is true that the bickering, acrimony and antagonism in our body politic have heightened in recent times and there is some trepidation that our democratic systems and structures have not developed well overtime to accommodate these wrangling and tension. On the contrary, I believe that in spite of the challenges and shortcomings, with a united prayer front history will be rewritten.
This year’s election is very crucial and critical and therefore calls for an immerse investment in prayers. A prayer well invested will produce the greatest return we ever need in the election and that is PEACE. We can cost the election and all our campaign outlays but we cannot place monetary value on the peace and stability we will enjoy in and after the election. The supremacy of peace and stability in the election will form the bedrock of our future socioeconomic growth and development. We cannot make any meaningful socioeconomic impact in a political ambiance fuelled with violence, division, confusion and turmoil. Our future as a nation lies in our ability to sustain and deepen the pace of the democratic process in motion. Our strength as a people lies in our ability to protect, sustain and improve the political and socioeconomic institutions at work. Our hope as a nation lies in our children who live because Ghana lives. Our image as a country, in the face of Africa and the whole world at large, lies in our ability to showcase and sustain our hard and enviable built democracy and to conduct a peaceful election marked by a glorious transition. All these can only materialize on the wings on peace. The Ghanaian spirit is not politically tagged. In service to others and yes, in sacrifice for God and country, there are no NPPs; there are no NDCs; there are only Ghanaians. Whether we are "moving forward with the better agenda two (2)” or we desire for "change" it should all culminate into a peaceful and unspotted electioneering process. Moving forward without peace is unachievable and unattainable and change without peace is unmerited and undesirable.
We have a long way to go and a whole lot of work to do but this can only be done in a stable and peaceful political environment. Fellow Ghanaians, nothing of value is free, let us join our faith together and call for heavenly intervention and involvement to maintain peace and order in this election. Ghana is our home, the place that birthed our greatness, nurtured our values and provided opportunities for our successes and achievements in spite of her struggles. If there is anything mother Ghana needs from you in the remaining days of this year is your prayers. My dear brothers and sisters both at home and abroad, the potency of our prayers has the ability to stop any devil or demon driven under the influence of violent, chaos and civil war. Never doubt the power of your prayer to enforce peace in this election, for God does nothing but by prayer and everything with it. Your prayer, mine prayer and our prayers is very vital in this election, Your God; mine God, our God is really needed in these crucial times. If you say a word of prayer say one for GHANA for a prayer for Ghana is a prayer for PEACE.

Shalom and peace to Ghana.
By Daniel Akwasi Kanyam