Feature Article of Saturday, 1 September 2012

Columnist: New Free Press

Anyidoho Must Return The Toyota Prados Now


KOKU Anyidoho Must Return The Toyota Prados Now!

The New Free Press is calling on Koku Anyidoho,Head of Communications at the Presiency to do the right thing by returning the 2 Toyota Prado 4x4 vehicles meant for the Ministry of Agriculture to assist Agric Extension Officers in the Asunafo North and Techiman Districts in the Brong Ahafo Region which strangely found their way into his compound .

Mr Koku Anyidoho cannot be allowed to annex these vehicles and in strange circumstances, get the allocation paperwork changed for the vehicles which were requested by the Ministry of Agriculture, to the office of the President.
The question bothering us is Why did he move these vehicles to his sisters house? A Brand new Toyota Prado costs in the region of 50,000 US Dollars. How can a government official make away with 2 of these no questions asked ,to his sisters house ?
How much did Mr Anyidoho pay for these vehicles as there is no evidence of any receipts

We are disappointed with the way Mr Kwesi Ahwoi, the Minster for Agriculture has been lukewarm and lackadaisical in ealing with this issue. Does it mean he does not care about farmers? Agricultural Extension officers around the country are complaining of logistics and our farmers especially cocoa farmers complain of neglect by these same officers.

Koku is an enemy of the state and must be directly confronted . Why loot these logistics and hide them in your sisters house?

As usual the cowardly Ghanaian press is quiet on this issue. Is the press on the side of the powerful or the down trodden?

Suraju Musah Mohamed
Managing Editor
The New Free Press
Kotobabi Abavana down