Feature Article of Friday, 31 August 2012

Columnist: Rukaiyatu Seidu

What if I don’t believe in God?

I honestly sympathize with women who are sexually harassed in this day and age and are not sure of how to handle it and the only option which seems readily available for them is to consult relationship program hosts parading as counselors.

First of all, I am a Christian and believe God is able to do all things but vehemently disagree with people who have resolved not to 'fight' for their rights but to wait upon the Lord's own appointed time. The typical leave everything to God syndrome!

I ask what of those who do not believe in God. For there are many people who do not subscribe to the existence of a higher-being let alone praying to seek their help?

So, are we then to say that because those individuals would not go down on their knees to pray their quest for justice is non-existence?

Why should a young lady who is being sexually harassed in the office or any establishment by her superior be told to check her way of dressing instead of being inspired to seek remedy at the law court?

I am not by any chance advocating for women to dress provocatively, but then, shouldn’t it be their choice to dress how they desire if it was not in violation of the code of conduct of the organization they find themselves.

For I strongly believe that if a man thinks he has the right to sexually harass a woman because of how she dresses and the thickness of her make-up or otherwise of it then the state of mind of such a person should be assess thoroughly.

Any woman who is being molested in such a manner must first of all resort to internal mechanisms or structures in her organization before considering the law court as an option, to have her concerns addressed properly.

But victims must always note that in seeking damages and remedies they must be armed with ample evidence to erase all doubts.

Women in such situations must always bear in mind that prayers could only work if they are backed by vigorous action. God or Allah in His own wisdom gave us the ability to think and take decisions for ourselves.

Going down on your knees and praying to God would not restore your lost pride or dignity, as He given us the ability to think and solve issues depending on how we understand them.

Moving forward it is important for so-called experts to stop offering advises that turn to intimidate victims and puts them back in their shelves and rather empower women to stand so as to help empower the unborn generation.