Feature Article of Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Columnist: Dogbe, Solomon Adinortey

Give Ghana Help Foundation Is Appealing For Funds


Dear Fellow Brothers, Sisters and citizens of Ghana ,
My name is Solomon Adinortey Dogbe, a Ghanaian and a medical doctor living
in Poland.
Over the past 18 years of my stay in this country, and more precisely in
the past thirteen years, an individual started a Foundation from a very
small beginning , with almost nothing in the accounts of that Foundation.
The purpose of the foundation was to equip hospitals. As he started with
barrels of interviews and series of radio conferences, it won national
interest. Today , they annually raise over 21 (twenty one million dollars
for equpping clinics and hospitals.) This has led Poland to the fastest
advancing in diagnosis and one of the best well-equipped clinics in
Europe.Comparisms were made with USA clinics ,one of which is particularly
in hearing- impairedness .The heads of departments of Florida Medical
School were invited for press conference in Poland to see the differences
in the level of diagnosis. It came clear that Poland stands 98% points in
diagnosis whereas that of the USA 95% .It has attracted such a high level
of public attention that Poland for that
matter has set aside second week of the begining of each year for
nationwide fund raising day.Some give one dollar, others give as much as
they could. Some sports men and women give out their medals for auction
sales to generate funds for hospital equipments and this is done openly on
air during the fund-raising festivities. TV stations , private and
national, take full part in it, conscientising the people of the need and
that , the day of soliciting funds has come .Companies give . Some give
written pledges which they later fulfil.For thirteen years , this has been
working .
I see this as something good to follow suit and try it in our nation
Ghana.This is why I have initiated the Foundation " Give Ghana Help"

Objectives and Principles of the Foundation
§ 6
The Foundation was established to:
1. conduct comprehensive health activities to save lives, including the
promotion and pursuit of initiatives as health, educational and charitable
in Ghana;
2. equipping public hospitals nationwide to give health and material
assistance to people who are in particularly difficult situations and
whose health are endangered.
3. facilitating access to medical care.
4.Prevent diseases
5.Enhance public education on health issues

We need many people as possible to cooperate and assist put it on the
media ( on air). I am only giving the idea.The aim is to help Ghana and
her people. That one day, we may be at least somewhere high among the
african countries, if not one of the world leading medical facilities.
Let us try it together and see.There is no harm in giving it a test.
I am appealing to all and sundry who in any way can assist, especially
those who in any way have access to the media.

One thing it needs be clear. If we as Ghanaians do not start initiating
these moves to assist the system, things may not go any good way that fast
long.For the good of the nation and her people, let us try it.Assisting
the system for the good of the nation , for the good of ghanaians , for
the good of even the economy.When these
things work, neighbouring countries may be coming to Ghana for
treatment. There may be the tendency that people in the west may come
down for medical treatment because it is cheaper than in other
countries.This will go its wayy to promote
ghana and tourism.One positive system will surely directly or indirectly
affect the next system.When the health system goes better or stands better
it will go to affect other sectors.
Money collected are not for me.It is for the purpose of equipping clinics
and hospitals. Starting step by step.Clinic by clinic.
Money gathered in Foundation will go a long way to make huge impact on
society.It must be open for the public to see what the money is being used
Foundation needs a clear moral stand that encourages others to donate.
I hope I have made things clear enough.
I want us to do something to help the nation.For this to succeed, it needs
the support of many.
Citing as an example :

The Scandinavian countries which most people think is a haven for wealth,
from 2003, every year, the Wroclaw Medical School in Poland enrols 60
students from the four Scandinavian countries for English programme in
medicine. Each student paying 8000(eight thousand Euro ) each year for
tuition) , Not mentioning the rent they pay for the school as well as
expenditure on other aspects of living costs they leave in the economy of
the country.
The tuition fee , for these 60 annually- enrolled Scadinavian medical
students brings 448(four hundred and forty eight) thousand Euros for a
single year to the coffers of the school and its clinics .
Warsaw City runs English programmes in medicine from as far back early
1980s and students come to study medicine from the USA because they pay
10,000 -14,000 US dollars and as compared to 24,000 to 42,000 USD as the
tuition for medicine costs in the USA and they go back .
There are other strong four cities or more which embark on this medical
training for foreigners.
If Ghana embarks on simple step by step equipping of its clinics, by five
years or seven, things may change for Ghana, in a way that other african
countries will be bringing their students to educate in Ghana medical
Schools. When the equpiments are there, it will attract the masses.
Americans leave the USA to come for medical treatments in Dubai( Saudi
It takes little drops of water to form an ocean.
I will have to end here.

If you can in any way assist to collectively make our nation a better
place in terms of hospital facilities and other sectors, I would be ready
for suggestions and cooperation.At this stage , the website is ready and
the registration of the foundation has been done.We are directly appealing
to you all tom dick and harry to start donating.To give your portion of
donation, please visit the Foundation website http://giveghanahelp.org
and support by donating through the online paypal system on the
Foundations website.. We also need people that can help put the advert on
the media.

Donors names and amounts will be published on the Foundation's website
http://giveghanahelp.org . You can donate any amount you are capable of.
Thank you for your contributions.

Doc Solomon Adinortey Dogbe
tel 0048607986645