Feature Article of Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Columnist: Sunu, David

Is The NDC Now Aseidu Nketia’s Personal Property?

The grassroot supporters and footsoliders of the NDC have been watching quietly and at the way Mr Johnson Aseidu Nketia, the so called General Secretary is gradually collapsing the party by forcing and imposing John Mahama as the Presidential candidate.
The question we ask ourselves is can Mr John Mahama go and campaign with 3,000 delegates and win elections in Ghana without the grassroots of the party?
This General secretary, who has become a law unto himself because he has backing from some selfish elements in the party such as Mr Ato Ahwoi and Mr Kofi Totobi Quakyi is sitting at home behind his laptop , cooking all kinds of regulations to fool party members.
If the NDC is a democratic party, nominations must be open to all members who want to stand, just not one candidate and nobody must be prevented from standing as we are seeing. Have we become a communist party?

There are other individuals who want to contest yet this general secretary has deliberately refused to release nomination forms. Is this not an illegality?

The same terrible mistakes that were made at Suynani are being repeated again. A whole national chairman like Kwabena Adjei allowing his General Secretary to create a party within a party.

President John Mahama’s call to unity is a hopeless call. It can only be taken seriously if the founder of the party ,Former President Jerry John Rawlings is shown respect. It is so sad to hear the party’s communicators on radio and TV praising Kwame Nkrumah when he has nothing to do with NDC . Today there are moves by E T Mensah and others to remove the clause in the constitution that proclaims Rawlings as the founder of NDC and replace it with something called “founders”. There will be fire and brimstone in this party if they try this!

If care is not taken and we lose the elections in December, Mr Aseidu Nketia should make himself available to face the explosion of anger and revulsion from the grassroots and not run away to his wife in Canada.

Dr David Sunu
Greater Accra NDC TEIN Chairman