Sports Features of Monday, 27 August 2012

Source: Osagyefo Yaw Anaman

Will Amissah Arthur Help Cape Coast Dwarfs?

Will His Excellency Amissah Arthur Help Cape Coast Dwarfs?

Central Region Is Watching

The sporting scene over the last couple of months has been swallowed in anguish by the unexpected passing into glory of the president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Evans Attah Mills, may his soul receive eternal rest in the Lord. Incidentally, the late president of Ghana was a through and through Fante from Gomoah Otuam in the central region just as the current Vice President Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur is from cape Coast the capital of the same region. The choice made by new president His Excellency John Dramani Mahama could not be soothing to the hearts of the people of Central region in this time of grief. The people believe they have been marginalized though their sons and daughters have over the years risen to high positions in Parliament as well as ministerial positions. An attempt to find out the views of the inhabitants of Central Region, specifically Cape Coast whether they have benefitted from past public figures after their rise to various positions revealed quite shocking outcomes. Central region is disappointed in most of the public officials. As a matter of fact, the people are expecting something positive this time around from their new man His Excellency Amissah Arthur. Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs were hoping the late president would offer them something but it never happened before his untimely demise. It is therefore being anticipated that Mr Amissah Arthur will honour the late president by doing something for the Cape Coast Club. Of course, this could not be too much to ask from the Vice President as the current president John Dramani Mahama showed the people of Northern region how he loved their team by purchasing a brand new YUTONG bus for RTU as soon as he assumed the position. Lest I forget, the former Vice president did that to emulate what his predecessor under NPP administration, Aliu Mahama had done-healso bought a bus for them. It is natural that Ebusua Dwarfs will also expect that the current one also blazes the example done by the others. It will be in his own interest to do so as the people believe that is the sure way they can also receive him as their beloved. Again, the late former president Atta Mills was a staunch sports enthusiast and his involvement in Hearts of Oak was very obvious. The die hard Phobian fans recount the numerous ways he contributed to their success during the time they ruled Africa in the early 2000’s. Clearly, Cape Coast Ebusua Dwarfs was not part of his mission, though he was from the region. Of course there are so many clubs in the region but the topmost and the torch bearer Dwarfs needed not to be forgotten. Maybe he was waiting to do it until the unexpected occurred. Will Mr Amissah Arthur who is currently the fifth highest share holder in Accra Hearts of Oak remember his roots and help Ebusua Dwarfs or he will follow suit what his compatriot did? One is certain he is helping Hearts of Oak, but it is highly expected that he does something for Dwarfs too. In an interview with one Dwarfs official who pleaded to remain anonymous, they are anxious to see this new VEEP deliver and at least buy them a bus or secure them a club house. “The people of Cape Coast are watching what the current Vice president can do for us”, “some even claim the upcoming national elections in December will be based on what the Vice president will do for the team” he sated emphatically. The mood of the people can only change for the better if their silent requests are met. Indeed, Cape Coast happens to be one of the floating regions in Ghana in terms of politics and the earlier something was done to calm the people the better. Maybe His Excellency John Mahama himself will look at the situation to ensure something is done about this matter. He knows how to do it as was evident in his kind gesture to RTU three years ago. To be or not to be, Dwarfs have been marvelous in the last two seasons since they returned to the premier League. Their CEO Nana Aidoo, has brought new light into the set up singlehandedly bankrolling the team to its current status as one of the major forces in Ghana football. If Kotoko and Hearts of Oak were chasing players for their signatures during the off season, then the indication is clear, the Abontua Abontua boys have quality. How can the Vice president also contribute to the success story of the club or he will wait until he cannot do so? Only time will tell. It will interest you to know how the mood of the Cape Coast people dented when their stadium was banned for crowd trouble and there was no chance for them to watch their darling club each Sunday. In effect, Dwarfs represents the general mood of Cape Coast, it was so palpable how the people jubilated anytime they won a home game last season. With just a month to enter another fresh season, they will be hoping that their 12-home match ban which was reduced to 8 could be further reduced. They still have some three(3) match home suspension; what a killer punishment. The most important thing is achieved Dwarfs supporters have learnt from their sins and repented accordingly never to repeat the unfortunate incident.

His Excellency Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur, will he heed the Dwarfs’ call or he will turn a deaf ear to them?